Paco Fralick Bringing Eclectic Sounds to The Warehouse

Compiled by the Northwoods News Staff

Paco Fralick will be performing his original music at The Warehouse in Eagle River on Friday, July 23rd at 7:00 pm.

Paco’s performance is part of the Ancestral Women Exhibit Performance.

Hailing from the Northwoods of Wisconsin his Ojibwe ancestors have called home for millennia, singer and songwriter Paco Fralick has always had a foot in two worlds, both personally and musically.

His eclectic sound reflects his varied influences, blending notes of country, folk, pop, and Native Americana with original and authentic lyrics that speak to his life experiences and the healing messages he hopes to share with the world. His first studio album, Letting Go (2017), garnered critical acclaim, including a Native American Music Award for Song of the Year for Women and Water, which he co-wrote with Michael Bucher, and a Global Music Award for Best Breakthrough Artist.

Paco’s love of music began early in his youth, nurtured through a combination of classical piano lessons and nights spent listening to his father practicing with an old reel-to-reel recorder. As a teenager, that love grew into a desire to create his own songs, but running a business and raising a family kept him from giving music his full attention until 2014.

Since then, he has performed regionally throughout the Midwest, most notably at Indian Summerfest in Milwaukee where he won five awards between 2017 and 2018 for his album Letting Go.

“My music is eclectic. It is a blend of country, folk, pop and Native Americana. It is a blend of all the people who have shaped me, all of my experiences, and all that I am and hope to be,” Paco said.

“Music has been many things to me and continues to evolve as I do, but one thing it has always been is healing. My hope is to extend that same healing to you through my music!”

Paco is currently working on his second and third studio albums which he hopes to release in 2021. The new music highlights his growth as a singer and songwriter, a musician and producer, while continuing his style of captivating lyrics and unique musical arrangements that touch on aspects of life. His music is very real.

When not writing or playing music, Paco is a dentist and owns and practices at Timber Drive Dental, where he has been for more than 20 years. In addition to dentistry, Paco was instrumental in the establishment of the Peter Christensen Dental Clinic in Lac du Flambeau, which incorporated onsite training for a joint dental hygiene program with Nicolet College that offers Tribal Members entry into the dental care field.

To purchase tickets, visit the Warehouse’s website or call 715-479-4060.