Name That Musky!

By Northwoods News Staff

There’s a new man, well a new fish, in town. Boulder Junction has welcomed a new 18-foot statue of a musky and needs the community’s help to name the new resident.

Placed outside of the Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce, this statue was originally introduced to the community during the 4th of July parade. Originally hailing from Elcho, this fish was repaired by Tommy Organiscak so that it could be re-homed in the area that volunteers created in Boulder Junction.

Theresa Smith, Executive Director of the Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce, states that the team is thrilled to have a mascot that invites locals and tourists to stop by and snap a picture. “We thought this contest would be a fun way to get our fans involved, while at the same time educating visitors about Boulder Junction’s great tradition of musky fishing,” Theresa said.

Since 1971, Boulder Junction has held the title and trademark as the Musky Capital of the World®. With 194 lakes surrounding the area, it makes perfect sense that there would be so many muskies caught. Many of these waters are classified as Class A Musky Lakes by the DNR.

With just a short time left to submit your entry, visit the Name That Musky! website and enter your name and idea by Wednesday, July 21st.

Three favorites will be chosen, and a fan vote will be held July 26th through July 29th to decide the given name.  The winner and the musky’s new name will be announced on August 7th at 10:00 am during Musky Jamboree weekend.

Not only will the chosen winner receive the bragging rights for naming the mighty fish, but they will also receive Musky Capital of the World® merchandise and a $50 gift certificate to spend at any business in Boulder Junction.